"The Only Regret I have ... Is Not Buying An Infrared Sauna Sooner!" - Tom S. - Madison, WI 
Train|Perform|Recover With Infrared Saunas Today To Learn How To Use, Buy, & Enhance Your Life!
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What this book will teach you
How to use, buy, and enhance your life with an infrared sauna. It is a comprehensive guide suitable for beginners, health enthusiasts, and advanced athletes who want to increase their performance AND take care of their body. Gym owners: this is an intro guide and checklist for integrating a sauna into the mix. 
The 5 Most Important Tips:
  • What infrared heat is, how it works, and why athletes benefit from it 
  • How to deeply detoxify the body, from the inside out
  • The importance of safe muscle recover
  • How to feel better after a workout
  • What is the best sauna for your home or business
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